Skryptcha holds his ground as a charismatic, energetic artist whether on record or on stage. With such influences as Lone Catalysts, Zion I, Atmosphere, and Mos Def, his music is both intelligent and soulful. An artist unconcerned by a past paved by golden eras and greatest hits, but rather a future he’s yet to pen; the words for a brighter tomorrow. 

Taking his first lyrical strides in 2003, Skryptcha is blessed by the gifts of a musical family. His instrumentally-charged upbringing laid the foundations for a distinct vocal talent that would ultimately evolve into his debut EP, Left to Write.

Having tested his ability on several guest appearances (including spending studio time with the legendary Def Wish Cast) and on stage with Scott Burns, 2buck and label-mates Dialectrix, Thundamentals and Pegz, the young MC began to establish himself in the genre. 

Left to Write was Skryptcha’s initial solo foray into the recorded realm, an occasion sparked by the introduction to maestro/producer Chasm by label boss Pegz. The connection was immediate and the melding of musical minds sparked the creative gears as the duo spent the latter part of 2008 on the EP’s initial cuts before bringing in high-calibre guest appearances by Lotek and Juanita Tippins to round off the impressive globe-embracing debut. 

After a succession of tour dates exhibiting his new material accompanying Pegz, Spit Syndicate and Dialectix, Skryptcha brought out his first LP ‘The Numbers’ in July 2010. From the LP came hit single ‘Get Mine’ ft. Rachael Berry, the film clip was played on Rage and highlighted as J Play's Clip of the Week.

Following the release of 'The Numbers', Skryptcha toured every corner of the nation with Illy and 360, as well as the 2010 Obese Block Party at the Palace Theatre.

For Skryptcha, 2011 was a year of travel, experience and studio time – with his head down since early January working on a new album.

All year long Skryptcha exchanged with producer Illmind from New York, who he met up with whilst in the US in April to discuss plans for the album and work on tracks. During his time abroad, Skryptcha visited places like New Orleans, Memphis & New York, drawing inspiration from the cities.
Even though much of his time was spent in the studio, Skryp still found space to tour a large part of the country, playing shows in Perth, Melbourne, Jindabyne & Sydney. With contributions from vocalists like Daniel Mifsud, Rachael Berry, DJ Joyride & Bastian Bones, as well as fellow Obese brothers Illy & Spit Syndicate, the new LP will be entitled Mindful."

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